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Pong Feature

ISO mode

ISO is the first distribution mechanism centered on community interests. Each step in the ISO is designed around the interests of the community to ensure that the benefits generated by the project at each stage can be fed back to the community. The feedback community has become the source of sustainable development of the project, so as to constrain the project party to remain on the united front with the community. The whole process is based on the wisdom contract of the blockchain code, eliminating human interference and ensuring the truth and not tampering. ISO Success Story [VDS], [FDS]

Accessibility payment

A large number of games do not have the function of props trading. The original intention of this design is to avoid confusion of the internal economic mechanism, prolong the user's game time, and increase the revenue of new developers. "Proper Winding + Mobile Wallet" enables two users to go online and offline at any time and any place. When you are eating with friends, you can talk about the latest PC-side game, open your mobile wallet, see what kind of weaponry you have, and the experience of completing a transaction is simple. Open the PC login game, and the transaction-completed props are already lying on you. In the equipment bar.

Asset globalization security

In the blockchain, players can have assets in the game, and these assets have a broader liquidity. In traditional games, the points, props, weapons, and roles are all owned by the developer. The centralized developers have more power to make drastic changes to these assets, even to deal with them at will. The assets in the game are often limited to the internal circulation of this game. It seems that there is no reuse value outside the game, and it is difficult to be given the application scene again from the technical level.

Transparent fair game mechanism

After the core mechanics of the game are chained, players can view the rules of the game that were only hidden in the centralized server, which creates a stronger bond of trust between the developer and the player. Under the logic of the transparent game mechanism, the player can clearly know and believe the probability of opening a treasure chest, whether a rare weapon is really rare, and whether the developer promises to actually cash. A fair and equitable mechanism, and a game update that is agreed upon by the community, gives players a more pure experience.

Pong app

[Pong Wallet] is an important carrier of Pong Chain's business ecology, and a sanctuary for community users to exercise their power in the future. It is also the settlement and management center for wealth income.
[simulated city - I am the governor]
  💎Gold as a game of value transfer and reflection, the future can be urban planning, construction, expansion, management, purchase of props.
  💰Pong, as a GDP output in the city, can be exchanged on the exchange.
  👉The WTC, which is worth 1,000 gold coins, became an Indian tribe. which was worth 10,000 gold coins, became Las Vegas, which was worth 50,000 gold coins, became the governor of Nevada.
  💰 The Indian tribe has a GDP of 0.8% per day.
  💰 Las Vegas’ GDP is 0.9% per day.
  💰 Nevada's GDP is 1% per day.
  💰Capacity is released through the equivalent PONG.
  👉Invite users, recharge and send gifts, more gameplay...
[Cooperative Game - Fast Three]
[Cooperative game - Unlucky]
[More games are being launched...]

Pong TimeLine

2019 Q3
  • Blockchain wallet online
  • The first smart game is online
  • Online exchange
2019 Q4
  • Distributed node online
  • Wallet supports multi-coins storage
  • White paper2.0
2020 Q1
  • At least 10 exchanges on the line
  • Open game apis
  • Start the Developer Alliance